International Mother Language Day 2023

International Mother Language Day 2023

Happy International Mother Language Day! Today, we celebrate the importance of linguistic and cultural diversity around the world.

As a second-generation Vietnamese American, I grew up in a household where both English and Vietnamese were spoken. Although I only knew a little bit of the language, my parents instilled in me a deep love and appreciation for our mother tongue, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be exposed to it.

Growing up, I often struggled to connect with my Vietnamese heritage. I felt like I didn't fully belong in either culture and often felt like an outsider. However, as I got older, I began to appreciate the unique perspective that my background gave me.

Language is an essential part of our identity, and it connects us to our cultural heritage. It is important to preserve and celebrate our mother languages, not only for ourselves but for future generations. For those of us who may not be fluent in our mother language, we can still honor it by learning more about our culture, listening to traditional music, and sharing stories with our family members.

Being a second-generation immigrant can be challenging, but it can also be a gift. We have the opportunity to embrace and appreciate our cultural heritage while also being part of a larger global community. We can learn from each other and celebrate our differences, making the world a more vibrant and diverse place.

On this International Mother Language Day, I encourage everyone to celebrate and honor their own mother language and the diversity it brings to the world. Let us continue to embrace and appreciate the richness of our linguistic and cultural heritage. #InternationalMotherLanguageDay #Bilingual #VietnameseAmerican #ProudOfMyHeritage

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