Embracing Joy and Family Adventures on National Smile Day

Embracing Joy and Family Adventures on National Smile Day

Subtitle: A Heartwarming Journey of Laughter, Growth, and Cherished Moments

Welcome to Just Jinx'd, where we believe in spreading smiles and finding happiness in the simplest of moments. Today, on National Smile Day, we want to share with you the story of our family's journey, filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable adventures.

At the center of our tale is Jason, a remarkable young soul who entered our lives as a chance for growth and companionship. As his primary caretaker, I embraced the responsibility of guiding him into adulthood, with the support of our parents who dote on him endlessly. Little did I know that our journey together would shape our lives in the most unexpected and heartwarming ways.

Last year, a conversation with Jason revealed his sadness about Robert and me going on adventures without him and dedicating much of our time to Just Jinx'd. It struck a chord within me, leaving me with a sense of guilt and self-doubt. I questioned my abilities as a caretaker and worried about the impact of our pursuits on our familial bond. It was a turning point that called for a shift in our priorities and a deeper commitment to nurturing our connection.


Determined to make amends, we embarked on a series of extraordinary escapades tailored to Jason's interests. From traversing the Mushroom Kingdom, with Jason donning the role of Luigi, to capturing captivating moments with mallard ducks at the zoo (yes, we share an inexplicable fascination with them), our adventures knew no bounds. We immersed ourselves in the whimsical world of Legoland, restraining our impulse to acquire every Lego set in sight, and savored delectable delights at local markets that tantalized our taste buds.

However, it wasn't just about the experiences themselves; it was about the smiles and laughter that painted our days. Witnessing Jason's joy and witnessing his vibrant smile become our ultimate reward. It taught us the significance of living in the present, cherishing every moment we spend together as a family.

In pursuit of a stronger bond and treasured memories, we made the conscious decision to step back from markets and embrace the essence of togetherness. While challenges still arise along our journey, we remain steadfast in our commitment to creating lasting moments and savoring the beauty of family connections.If our schedules work out, we might be back in the fall! We're still going to be doing online sales! Etsy and Shopify are always open ☺️

On this National Smile Day, we invite you to reflect on the things that bring warmth to your heart and curve your lips upward. What makes you smile? Is it a walk in nature, a beloved hobby, or simply spending time with loved ones? Share your favorite sources of joy and let us celebrate the moments that light up our lives.

At Just Jinx'd, we believe that smiles are contagious, and happiness is best when shared. Join us in embracing the spirit of National Smile Day and spreading joy far and wide. Let's cherish each other, create memories that endure, and find solace in the simplest gestures that bring smiles to our faces.

With love and gratitude,

Michelle & Jinx

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