The Processional and Passing of the Mâm Quả

The Processional and Passing of the Mâm Quả

The Processional and Passing of the Mâm Quả

One of the highlights of the Đám Hỏi is the processional and passing of the **mâm quả** – traditional engagement gifts that symbolize prosperity, respect, and good fortune. Here’s what typically happens:

The Processional

The groom’s family arrives at the bride’s house in a joyous procession, carrying beautifully decorated trays known as mâm quả. These trays are covered with red cloth and often held by unmarried young men and women, symbolizing purity and good luck.

Passing of the Mâm Quả

Upon arrival, the groom’s family presents the mâm quả to the bride’s family. Each tray holds specific items, each with its own symbolic meaning. Traditionally, the mâm quả includes:

- **Betel leaves and areca nuts**: Representing the couple’s love and commitment.
- **Wine and tea**: Symbolizing respect and the bond between families.
- **Fruits**: Denoting fertility and abundance.
- **Cakes (Bánh Phu Thê)**: Symbolizing harmony and sweetness in marriage.
- **Jewelry**: Representing the groom's commitment and the family's approval.


The bride’s family formally accepts the mâm quả, signifying their consent to the marriage. This exchange is accompanied by blessings and well-wishes from both families.

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