The Door Games: Adding Fun and Mischief to Our Engagement Ceremony

The Door Games: Adding Fun and Mischief to Our Engagement Ceremony

👾 The Door Games🎮

No celebration is complete without a bit of playful mischief, right? While untraditional in Vietnamese culture, we decided to incorporate door games into our engagement ceremony for our out-of-town guests and non-Viet family members. Unfortunately, due to some miscommunication, they missed the fun, but the bridal party had an absolute blast!

Robert’s Attempts:

- Breaking In: Robert tried to break into the room where I was held, but was promptly given a bribe—a full shot of soy sauce. He noped out of that challenge! But Hiral, using her force-like powers, succeeded. Haha!

What are Door Games?

Door games are a fun tradition where the bridesmaids block the groom and groomsmen from entering the house and seeing the bride (I was hidden away). To gain entry, they must play some "oh so fun" games. My maid of honor and I had a blast picking these out!

The Games:

🥶 Ice Bucket Challenge

To prove their bravery and willingness to endure the ups and downs of marriage, Robert and his team had to endure the pain of hot and cold. We hid 25 dominoes in 5 buckets filled with ice water, and they had to retrieve them within a set timeframe. Some did great, saying, "The ice felt so good with the humidity!" Others struggled and needed help. Luckily, with teamwork, they completed the mission!

🏢 Stack the Toys

Love can be a tumbling tower. To prove their love throughout the years (12 years of repeating zodiac, get it?), Robert and the groomsmen had to stack all 12 toys from @sparkcollections. During the rehearsal dinner, close friends and family signed the blocks. We had high hopes for the gents—a doctor, an engineer, and several in leadership positions—but they couldn’t stack the toys! It was the only game they failed. 😈

🍲 Flavors of Love

Love can be flavorful. To prove they can cope with the various flavors of love, Robert and the groomsmen had to taste and identify each flavor without making a face. They did great at this game!

⁉️ Q&A

Done by none other than my baby sister. She wanted to know how well Robert knows Michelle. For every year they've been together, they answered questions about me. We got creative with questions like, "What would she go to jail for?" and "How many pictures are on her phone?"

All in all, Robert and the groomsmen passed these tests and were allowed into the house! This marked the official start of the ceremony, yay! 💖✨ #EngagementCeremony #DoorGames #FamilyFun #WeddingTraditions

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