Womens History Month 2023: Gabby Rivera

Womens History Month 2023: Gabby Rivera

Gabby Rivera: The Queer Latina Writing Stories of Resistance

Gabby Rivera is a queer Latina writer from the Bronx who is known for her work in young adult literature and comics. She is the author of the critically acclaimed novel "Juliet Takes a Breath" and has written for Marvel Comics, including the series "America" featuring the first queer Latina superhero.

Rivera's work is known for its focus on intersectional identities and social justice issues. She is a champion for the LGBTQ+ community and works to bring underrepresented voices to the forefront of literature and pop culture.

In addition to her writing, Rivera is a public speaker and activist. She has spoken at events such as the National Women's March and the United State of Women Summit, and is a founding member of the queer youth organization GLSEN's National Advisory Council.

Rivera's work and activism serve as an inspiration to marginalized communities everywhere, showing that representation and resistance are possible even in the face of adversity.

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