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Boob Cactus - Myrtillocactus geometrizans

Boob Cactus - Myrtillocactus geometrizans

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Introducing our "Boob Cactus" (Scientific Name: Myrtillocactus geometrizans), affectionately nicknamed for its uniquely shaped ribs that resemble the human form with areoles resembling nipples. These charming cacti are a natural work of art that celebrates the wonders of nature with a playful twist.

The "Boob Cactus" is not just an ornamental piece; it's a living sculpture that empowers your decor. This body positivity-inspired succulent requires direct sunlight to thrive. However, be mindful of hot windowsills during the summer months, as the magnification from the glass can potentially harm the plant. To care for your "Boob Cactus," water it deeply only when the soil has dried out completely.

Welcome this distinctive and empowering piece of nature into your home and enjoy the conversation it sparks as well as the beauty it brings to your space.

For our plant enthusiasts, please note that all plants will be carefully shipped to you in a bare-root state, without the plastic planter. This method helps ensure the safety of your green friends during transit.

However, if you opt for a local pickup, we're delighted to provide both the soil and the plastic planter. This way, you can take your plant home with everything it needs for a smooth and healthy transition to its new environment.

We're committed to delivering your plants with the utmost care, whether they're being shipped to your doorstep or eagerly awaiting your arrival at our local pickup point.

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